Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What is your product made out of?

Answer: Precast stone is a Portland cement based material, which is a proprietary blend of components mostly consisting of cement, aggregates, and reinforcing fibers. 

Question: What is the type of finish?

Answer: The finish is cementitious and it comes in four textures. Please refer to the finish section of our menu for a complete explanation.

Question: Does it come in different colors?

Answer: You bet. We have 10 standard colors and if the project is large enough we can provide custom colors. Our finishes section contains beautiful high resolution photographs of the choices.

Question: Do the mantles come in different sizes?

Answer: Most of our mantles have adjustable capabilities, and we have many different sizes to select from. The over-mantle systems are sold separately and are also adjustable. 

Can I create my own custom design?

Answer: Yes. We can re-create any concept and provide custom designs for fireplace mantels as well as all other products. 

I am remodeling.* How do I know if the unit I like will fit?

 Answer: Please go to the forms section on the menu and follow the instructions. Just give us some basic information and a picture and we’ll help with determining a fit. We’ll even draw up a rendering for you so you can see for yourself.

*We can do this for new construction as well!